Slickspaces becomes Operto Guest Technologies

Our company was born from a desire to make life better for property managers - the busiest people we’ve ever met. Our early days of managing the challenges of guest access revealed a much greater need. Property managers had no visibility into the status of their units and no centralized system from which to operate. While smart home technology was becoming increasingly common, nothing brought solutions together to create a cooperative ecosystem.

That seed brought us to where we are today: Operto. The name is based on the Italian word aperto, which means open and reflects our mission to open possibilities for property managers and their guests through meaningful technology and personalized experience.

Our new solution features a fully redesigned dashboard that will serve as your daily command center. View the status of your properties in real-time. See which guests have checked-in and which units need to be cleaned. Get notified when guests check-out so you can schedule your cleaning teams more efficiently. Monitor noise and occupancy to make sure everyone’s playing by the rules. Save on energy. Provide an amazing guest experience. It’s all here.